Isometric Drawing Notebook: Rainbow (8.5×11 Perfect Bound)



The Isometric Drawing Notebook is the ultimate tool for all of your three-dimensional creations. Whether you’re planning 3D printing projects, sketching out architectural drawings, or simply exploring geometry and spatial relationships, this 8.5″ x 11″ notebook has got you covered. With 120 pages of isometric graph paper, you’ll have plenty of space to plan landscapes, sculptures, and more. And this isometric paper is perfect for college students and artists alike, as well as for RPG and tabletop gamers who want to create detailed maps or diagrams of game environments. So grab your pen and get ready to unleash your creativity with the Isometric Drawing Notebook!

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Weight 0.282 lbs
Dimensions 27.9 × 21.6 × 0.7 in


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