The Skeptics’ Guide to Love Duet

Two cousins who run their family’s New Orleans Ghost Tour business are about to face their haunted pasts and get to their happily ever afters. 

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Mysteries of the Universe

*enemies-ish to lovers

*New Orleans ghost history

*a shared love of books

*an unsolved psychic mystery

Her only love sprung from her only hate. In fair New Orleans, where we lay our scene, two star-crossed lovers take the streets.

French Quarter lore fangirl and New Orleans ghost tour operator Julie Deveaux is used to believing in things she cannot see. But when a Jackson Square psychic offers an impromptu prediction, she’s as skeptical as the mystery blogger who’s trying to take down her family’s ghost tour business. According to the psychic, the grandson of her thesis subject, infamous French Quarter murderess Sophia Durocher, holds the key to solving Julie’s problems, not only with her thesis, but also her home renovations, and her love life.

Griffin Durocher, the anonymous blogger behind Debunked, is tired of two things: people digging into his past and businesses cashing in on hoaxes. His once-beloved grandmother Sophia and lauded NOLA psychic had everyone fooled–including him–before she was revealed as a fraud after she butchered two men in her parlor. He’s ready to take down businesses doing the same to unsuspecting people, and next on his list is Deveaux’s Historical Haunts. 

A chance collision in Jackson Square brings Julie and Griffin together, and an undeniable attraction sparks, fanned by a shared love of obscure history. But when Griffin is revealed as the blogger reviled by Julie’s family, and Julie admits that she’s been studying Griffin’s grandmother everything comes crashing down. 

If these two find a way to move beyond their haunted pasts, they might find their way back to each other.

Ghosts of Midnights Past

*second chance romance

*B-movie lovers

*A New Years Eve twist on A Christmas Carol

*an evil twin

The one who got away is back in town…but only until midnight.

Wendy Deveaux, prickly heiress to her family’s New Orleans ghost tour business has pushed aside her own dreams to take care of her family and take over the business for her ailing dad. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Sacrificing for the people she loves sounds a lot better than admitting an uncomfortable truth: every time she’s gotten close to taking a leap, she’s bailed before anyone can reject her.

Now, this New Year’s Eve, Wendy’s alone and spinning her wheels while everyone else speeds forward, and she’s second-guessing her choices. Especially walking away from Alec, the sexy cinnamon roll Canadian who melted the ice around her Scroogy heart and completed her in a way she never saw coming.
When Alec unexpectedly walks back into her tour shop on New Year’s Eve, the old feelings rush back, along with a reminder of the unshakable connection they shared before she chickened out.
Wendy’s never been more sure in her life about what she wants. But after the way she hurt him before, could he ever give her a second chance? Playing it safe could help her dodge another crushing blow. But if she lets him walk out of her city again without fighting for him, she may regret it for the rest of her life.
It might take three smart-assed spirits, a dose of holiday magic, and joining forces with Alec’ possibly-evil twin, but if Wendy can find a way to move past her fears, their story just might have a happy ending after all.
This cozy, feel-good second chance romance is a retelling of a Christmas Carol, perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to take a leap and see it end with happily ever after.