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Reignite your creative spark and unlock your storytelling magic.

Learn how to use the cards to supercharge story ideas, deepen characters, & illuminate plotlines with Tarot for Fiction Writers.



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Hear from Our Satisfied Tarot for Fiction Writers Workshop Attendees

“Jessica's Tarot for Fiction Writers workshop is a master class in opening up your mind to something new. She teaches it in a way that lets you participate at whatever level you want—as an introduction to using the cards for divination or simply as artistic prompts to get your creative juices flowing. She's designed the workshop so that you can work in pairs, in a group, or by yourself. No matter your style or comfort level, she makes you feel included and has you use your own work-in-progress for practice. Plotting, character development, settings--she has writing exercises with all aspects. You'll leave her class brimming with new ideas.”

    Claire Booth
    Claire Booth

    Author of the Sheriff Hank Worth Mysteries

    “The Tarot for Fiction Writer’s Workshop was awesome to attend. Jessica was a very passionate and engaging host. I had never been exposed to tarot before and got insight into tarot basics and how to work with the cards. It was fun learning while Jessica guided us through different exercises. The thorough handout we received has allowed me to do tarot card readings on my own. This workshop has given me a new tool in my writing - helping with deepening of characters and plot development. This workshop is great for a tarot beginner or one who has used tarot cards before.”

      Harriet Fox-Navarra
      Harriet Fox-Navarra

      Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer

      “I took Jessica Cline’s Tarot for Authors’ class. Not only was it extremely helpful for my writing practice, it was a lot of fun. I had heard about using the tarot for prompts before, but never had the chance to try it out. Jessica explained the tarot in a way that was easy to understand and remember. She also gave us exercises to apply the concepts and get started. There were many benefits to taking this class, we got to use several different types of tarot decks, learned how to use the decks to gain insight into the characters in our works in progress and gained tools for overcoming blocks. The Tarot is a great way to entice the Muse and Jessica is a very good guide for writers who want to add this skill to their toolbox.”

        Penny Manson
        Penny Manson

        Fiction Writer


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        Non-Fiction for Writers
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        Tarot for Fiction Writers book on a purple and coral gradient background

        Coming Soon

        Tarot for Fiction Writers

        Using the Cards to Supercharge Story Ideas, Deepen Characters, & Illuminate Plotlines

        Reignite your creative spark and unlock your storytelling magic with Tarot for Fiction Writers. 

        Do unfinished stories feel trapped inside you, stalled by life’s stressors? Reclaim your inspiration and complete those books with Tarot for Fiction Writers.

        This illuminating guide taps into tarot’s symbolic power to help you:

        Unlock the Power of the Tarot: Learn how tarot prompts can be used to break through writer’s block and reconnect you to the joy of storytelling by leveraging play, randomness, novelty, and embracing archetypes.

        Explore Tarot for Storytellers: Get an overview of all 78 tarot cards tailored specifically to writers. Unlike basic tarot guides, this book contains interpretations revealing how each card can relate to characters, plots, themes, story conflicts, and relationship conflicts.

        Master Tarot Techniques: Follow step-by-step instructions on doing spreads to tap into your subconscious and your imagination, generate unexpected ideas, and deepen your narratives. The prompts and techniques can be used by both discovery writers and plotters.

        Apply Over 200 Creative Tarot Prompts: Use customizable spreads to craft compelling, multifaceted characters and relationships. Brainstorm deliciously complex plots that keep readers hooked.  Inject fresh conflict and intrigue and overcome stumbling blocks.

        Created by a seasoned educator, writer, and tarot enthusiast, this book provides the tools you need to reignite your creative fire and recapture the passion, playfulness, and magic that first called you to write.

        So if you long to revive your storytelling gift, now is the time. Let tarot unlock your imagination and bring your stories to life once more



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