Tarot for Fiction Writers

*Are you a fiction writer looking for a fresh source of creativity?

*Do you long to recapture the joy and magic of storytelling, but find yourself hindered by perfectionism, stress, or a hectic life?

*Are you a neurodivergent writer struggling to start or finish creative projects with your executive function challenges?

If so, this book is for you.

Get Tarot for Fiction Writers and rediscover the magic that first called you to write. 

  • Finish stalled projects 
  • Get the dopamine power-up you need to initiate tasks and sustain motivation
  • Revolutionize your workflow with tarot-infused creativity.


Tarot for Fiction Writers book on a purple and coral gradient background

Using the Cards to Supercharge Story Ideas, Deepen Characters, & Illuminate Plotlines

Reignite your creative spark and unlock your storytelling magic with Tarot for Fiction Writers. 

Do unfinished stories feel trapped inside you, stalled by life’s stressors? Reclaim your inspiration and complete those books with Tarot for Fiction Writers.

This illuminating guide taps into tarot’s symbolic power to help you:

Unlock the Power of the Tarot: Learn how tarot prompts can be used to break through writer’s block and reconnect you to the joy of storytelling by leveraging play, randomness, novelty, and embracing archetypes.

Explore Tarot for Storytellers: Get an overview of all 78 tarot cards tailored specifically to writers. Unlike basic tarot guides, this book contains interpretations revealing how each card can relate to characters, plots, themes, story conflicts, and relationship conflicts.

Master Tarot Techniques: Follow step-by-step instructions on doing spreads to tap into your subconscious and your imagination, generate unexpected ideas, and deepen your narratives. The prompts and techniques can be used by both discovery writers and plotters.

Apply Over 200 Creative Tarot Prompts: Use customizable spreads to craft compelling, multifaceted characters and relationships. Brainstorm deliciously complex plots that keep readers hooked.  Inject fresh conflict and intrigue and overcome stumbling blocks.

Created by a seasoned educator, writer, and tarot enthusiast, this book provides the tools you need to reignite your creative fire and recapture the passion, playfulness, and magic that first called you to write.

So if you long to revive your storytelling gift, now is the time. Let tarot unlock your imagination and bring your stories to life once more



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